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"Sophia is the best! I had my first baby this year and always worried about breastfeeding. She is very cheerful and helpful, she helped me build my confidence breastfeeding and always is patient to answer my every question. My baby is very healthy and happy, I feel so blessed to have her as my lactation consultant"  Jing and Mia

"I'm a first time mother of twin boys, and had a complicated delivery requiring an extended hospital stay.  I was lucky to have a great Lactation Consultant at the hospital help me at first, but knew I would need more support once I got home-the BF struggle is real!  Sophia was recommended to me, and I cannot tell you what a godsend she is, she is so incredibly knowledgeable and flexible!  Sophia came to our home for two in-home visits and was so professional, kind, helpful and supportive (and also, didn't mind my messy house and crazy dogs-not to mention I was in my jammies)!  She weighed each baby before and after feeding so I knew just how much they were getting (amazing to feel reassured that your kiddos are getting enough as a EBF momma!).  She watched me latch each of my LO's and helped me solve their latch problems- Turned out my kids were both lip and tongue tied, and needed a procedure!  Sophia suggested we go to a specialist and sure enough, she was right!  The procedure was a game changer!  Sophia listened to my goals of EBF (W/O the pump) and tandem feeding my boys-without the nipple shields!  She created a comprehensive plan for me and the boys and even called and texted to check up on us!  I really believe that because of Sophia's support, I was able to successfully nurse my boys, if it wasn't for her, I would have given up months ago.  I am still successfully nursing months later and about to head back to work!  If you are a new mom, and you want to breastfeed-Call her!  Don't let anyone tell you differently! Nursing can be such a great experience, but takes problem solving! Don't be stressed! " Amandalynn, Remy and Felix

Words will fall short on how grateful we are that Sophia was my lactation consultant.  Even after 2 in-hospital visits by a wonderful lactation consultant and 2 follow-up visits within the first 2 weeks of giving birth, I was still struggling with breastfeeding.  Is my baby getting enough milk?  Will it always be this uncomfortable?  Then we found Sophia!  She came to our house – her loving, peaceful presence alone is enough to give a mother confidence, and her wisdom and experience with nursing and babies in general is extraordinary.  She was fully present making my husband I feel like we were her only clients on earth, was so gentle, patient and is just a wonderful teacher.  I not only stuck with breastfeeding because of Sophia’s support but am thriving with it (just at 6 months now).  Thank you, thank you, Sophia!  You truly make a difference!

Leah and Ben

"I don’t know that there are words sufficient enough to express the gift that Sophia is to nursing moms in the Atlanta area. She is the living embodiment of the saying, “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life”.
From our very first conversation, I got the sense that she was sincere in both her concern for my son’s wellbeing, and equally passionate about helping mothers enjoy a successful breastfeeding relationship. 
She’s also not kidding when she says Wonder...Love Lactation Services is ALWAYS open, because, trust me, I’ve tested that theory, reaching out to her while she was out of the country on vacation, and to no surprise, she answered. 
I feel lucky to have found Sophia early in my breastfeeding journey and whether in my home, or at her very cozy office, The outcome has been the same every time I’ve seen her - I’ve left confident and reassured that I can enjoy a successful breastfeeding relationship with my tiny human for as long as I intend to, and that my body knows exactly what to do, and I am more than enough!! 
If you are considering Lactation support, give her a call - she’ll answer, and you won’t regret it!"  Camille and Sebastian

"Sophia is the best of the best! She helped me gain confidence breastfeeding my daughter early on. She gave me tons of helpful tips and is always so patient. She’s great with babies and it is so convenient that she does home visits! Could not recommend her enough!!"  Stephanie and Ellie

Sophia is absolutely amazing! She was recommended by my pediatrician (Dr Lisa Roberts) after I had my 2nd baby. I was having issues with latching. She came to my home. She was genuinely concerned about my issues. She helped to get my baby latched properly, which ultimately stopped the pain I was experiencing. In addition, she stayed longer than the allocated time to help me contact insurance to get my out of network claim handled. Did I mention how amazing she is? I would recommend every day of the week and twice on Sunday! Tyesha and Jace

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