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Breastfeeding benefits babies by:

  • providing immune factors which protect against viral and bacterial illnesses.

  • creating a more competent immune system.

  • promoting better development of jaw, facial, and oral muscles.  Also, improves the development of an infant's sinuses.

  • promoting brain growth and development.

  • promoting better retinal and neurological development.

  • frequent holding and interacting with mother creates a baby's first close relationship and trust.

  • better sleep due to naturally occurring hormones which induce sleep.

  • decreasing chances of developing asthma, allergies, diabetes, obesity and high blood pressure later in life.













About Wonderlove Lactation:

As a new mother many years ago, I experienced so many feelings of anxiety, extreme happiness and sadness and all the things that I now know are common among many women.  The most difficult part of becoming a mother was learning to breastfeed my child.  It was the thing I assumed would come naturally but, guess what - it proved to be the most difficult.  After a single consultation with an IBCLC, my breastfeeding journey began.  Motherhood has been my favorite career so far. 

My passion is to support mothers and babies as they embark on this wonderful chapter in their lives.  I provide you with support, evidence based information, a non-judgmental and caring attitude to help you attain your goals in feeding your new little human.  

  • Pediatric RN, BSN practicing since 1991

  • IBCLC, Licensed Lactation Consultant in GA

Breastfeeding benefits mothers by:

  • helping you recover from childbirth quickly and reduces bleeding.

  • protecting you from uterine, breast and ovarian cancer.

  • decreasing the likelihood of developing diabetes and protects against osteoporosis.

  • promotes bonding with your baby.

  • better quality sleep.

  • saving time and energy - nothing to heat up or wash.

Member of ILCA and USLCA 

*Professional organizations supporting and providing best practices in Lactation and Breastfeeding*

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