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Wonder why breastfeeding babies eat less than formula babies and still gain weight?

Mother's own milk is a magical substance. If your baby directly breastfeeds, your milk is constantly reformulating itself to meet your baby's every changing nutritional needs. It is targeted nutrition and it also has more calories per ounce than formula. Formula is the same nutrients and 20 calories/ounce (some formula's are 22 calories/ounce for preterm infants). You have to increase the volume to get more calories and nutrients for a baby. Breastmilk from a mother who does not have oversupply has the perfect ratio of fat, protein, and carbohydrates for a baby. It is a complete meal and is constantly changing throughout the day and night. It starts around 22 calories/ounce and can go up to 35 calories per ounce. A mother's brain is constantly improving milk for her baby. If your baby eats on one breast per feeding or takes a break between main course and dessert, your brain will add more fat, nutrients and immune factors to the milk between feeding sessions. You do not need to catch your letdown with a passive pump. Just feed as often as your baby is willing and they will take what they need at that feeding. Breastfeeding works best with small, frequent and as your baby gets stronger, quick feedings!

Every breastfeed tastes and smells different to your baby. Formula is always the same meal for an entire year:(

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