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How I protect you and baby from infection, now and always...

I wash my hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water before touching you or your baby.

We know that good hand washing is the best prevention for spreading viruses and bacteria.  Friction and soap effectively kills germs on hands.  Artificial nails/tips carry bacteria.  I keep my nails trimmed short and clean.

I would never visit you and your baby if I have any symptoms or a known exposure.  We would work together to help you get the help you need.

I will wear an N-95 mask with a washable cover to care for you and your baby.   I ask that you also wear a mask which covers your nose and mouth, as well.

With all the information about Covid 19, I wanted to let you know what I do to keep you and your baby safe.  I have received both doses of the Phizer vaccine (12/30/20 and 01/20/20)and all of the available boosters as well as the latest vaccine. As an RN, I am always keenly aware of effective measures against infection.  I will continue to follow all safety protocols recommended by the CDC/WHO.  Please call me anytime you have any questions or concerns.

Thoroughly cleaning my pens, pencils, phones, computer keyboard and case, clipboard and scale after every visit with 91% alcohol wipes/Clorox wipes.  I use a new blanket or your blanket on my scale every consult. Blankets and linens are washed in hot water with Tide and bleach after every patient.  

Office Visits:  I ask that you text me when you arrive so you can come straight in and walk straight to my office.  You never have to put your baby down until you get in my office.  when it's time to go, check out is in my office and you leave through the back hallway. You never have to register or wait in a waiting room.

I always wear a glove to examine your baby's suck/mouth.  I will wear the glove to help with your latch.  I remove the glove once I have helped you establish a good latch and you are doing well.  Wearing gloves can spread more germs once your glove is contaminated with skin bacteria/bacteria from baby's mouth, etc.  I wash with antibacterial hand wash as needed.  Hand washing is what prevents spread of infection.

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